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After kitchen or bathroom cabinet hardware for that all essential cabinet building project?  There's nothing worse than cabinet hardware that rusts, doesn't do the job it's supposed to ie slide out or close properly.  If your kitchen cabinets aren't functioning the way they're supposed to and the exterior's fine but the interior cabinet hinges are worn out, then you can opt to just replace them.  Alternatively, if you are doing the whole face-lift thing, don't just blow the budget on exterior facades (that's important too) but go for quality interior fittings too.  Do it properly with quality hardware and hinges and your kitchen cabinets will last for years.  Nothing worse than a drawer that doesn't slide easily or hinges that sag with the weight of the door.  Rockler has the range of quality cabinet hardware that will do almost every job :


Fluted/Beaded Moldings and Rosettes

After cabinet moldings, legs and trims?  This is the section for you.  With additional cabinet hardware suitable for building your own wine center with wine lattice and wine glass molding, you can have all your favorite wines displayed and have all your wine glasses all in one handy location.  Beauty!

For cabinet hardware moldings and fittings - click here

Put On A Happy Reface

Thinking of adding veneer on those tired old kitchen cabinets for a new face lift?  Just stick these new veneers on and voila, you have a brand new kitchen!  No mess, no glue, no fuss - with different wood veneers to choose from, it's a cinch!

For cabinet refacing - click here

Hardwood Appliance Garage and Tambour Kits

Hide all those kitchen appliances behind this rolltop door - your kettle, toaster and all those daily essentials hidden away but easy to take out again when they are required.  Keep the clutter to a minimum and free up bench space for other essential kitchen jobs.

For cabinet hardware storage ideas and other miscellanous cabinet hardware - click here

Classic Brass - Marco/Sanibel Collection

Finish off the look of your kitchen cabinets with classy knobs and handles.  Choose from classic brass styles knobs for traditional kitchens or sleek new minimalist looks of brushed matt silver.

For cabinet knobs and pulls - click here

wood working home>wood working hardware>cabinet hardware

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Making Kitchen Cabinets
Making Kitchen Cabinets