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Doll house furniture by Freida Gray
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1/12 Scale character figures for the doll house by James Carrington
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Making 1/12 scale wicker furniture for the doll house by Sheila Smith
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Doll house details by Kath Delmany
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Dolls House accessories, fixtures and fittings by Andrea Barham
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A world in miniature - The Flora Gill Jacobs Collection of Dolls' Houses and Their Furnishings by Flora Gill Jacobs
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Architecture for dolls houses by Joyce Percival
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For those of you with little girls or grandkids (or adult children who aren't quite ready to grow up), a doll house is the ultimate in the gift of love to them and is something that will stir those little minds into dreaming and imaginative play.  Doll house kits make life much easier even for seasoned do it yourself people because all the little bits that require pre-cutting is all done for you.  Sure you can slap on the logs and build a rough and tumble doll house with plans but if you are going to build something quaint and Victorian, then these doll house kits would certainly take all the hard work out off the the detailing work that's inevitably required.  It's really up to you, if you are someone who doesn't mind doing fiddly little saw cuts here and there and in fact actually quite enjoys it (yes there are some of us who find it a real joy!), then I'd say, go for the plans and start from scratch.  If however you aren't real keen on doing anything too fiddly or the arthritis is starting to kick in or you have to do a rush job for Christmas, then I'd say buy the doll house kit and save yourself all the angst.


The Orchid Doll House KitThe Orchid Doll House Kit
This unique turn of the century Victorian cottage features ornate trim, fixed double-hung style windows, octagon shaped dormer windows, and a bay window.  Enchanting and O so Dicksonian.

The Orchid Doll House Kit

The Magnolia Doll House KitThe Magnolia Doll House Kit
This classic country farmhouse features long pointed gables with decorative trim, fixed double hung windows, and four spacious rooms.  Just add the animals.

The Magnolia Doll House Kit

Aster Cottage Doll House KitAster Cottage Doll House Kit
The small cozy atmosphere of this English Tudor style cottage will capture your imagination.  Sit back with your cup of tea and enjoy the detail in this little doll house.

Aster Cottage Doll House Kit

The Shady Brook Cabin KitThe Shady Brook Cabin Kit
This quaint cabin's classic design packs many possibilities into a small package.  Just perfect for real country living style - this doll house kit is as unique as it is precious.

The Shady Brook Cabin Kit

The Wild Wood Stable KitThe Wild Wood Stable Kit
A barn that any horse would be proud to call home, the Wildwood Stable features working stall and barn doors, a hay loft, and a cupola. Specially designed to fit Breyer and Heartland Horses but also works well with 1" scaled miniatures!  Okay so it's not really a doll house as such - more like an animal house but I just had to add it here because it was just so unusual.

The Wild Wood Stable Kit

For the full range of doll house kits - visit - click here


There are another 2 doll house kits that I've found from WildwoodDesigns which are larger in finished size than the ones from Rockler and as a result over the $100 mark.

Bayberry Cottage doll house kit
This delightful 1930s architectured cottage is ready to assemble and paint. Features include silk screened windows, wrap-a-round porch, five ample rooms, three stories, and brickwork. Back is open. 27 inches H x 27 inches W x 22 inches D.

Click here for the Bayberry doll house kit

Shenandoah log doll house kit
1/12 scale to the real thing. Features precut parts for solid pine construction, stone fireplace & chimney, moving door, front porch, plus furniture including two beds, hutch, deacon's bench, table & benches. Back is open. 31 - 1/2 inches W x 24 inches H x 22 inches D.

Click here for the Shenandoah doll house kit


Okay, if you've got the doll house, you'll have to get the furniture kits too - what's a doll house without furniture?

Bedroom Furniture KitBedroom Furniture Kit
Custom furniture for your custom home!  An essential in the doll house is the bedroom setting.

Bedroom Furniture Kit

Dining Room Furniture KitDining Room Furniture Kit
Dining room
furniture for your doll house.  Why no house would be complete without a dining room.

Dining Room Furniture Kit

Kitchen Furniture KitKitchen Furniture Kit
Add the fridge, the sink, the oven, the countertop, the kitchen clock and the shelving and make the doll house ready to take guests.

Kitchen Furniture Kit

Bathroom Furniture KitBathroom Furniture Kit
Okay for most doll houses, this room is definitely the one that is usually left out but for those who feel that a bathroom is a must in every doll house, then this furniture kit is essential.

Bathroom Furniture Kit

Living Room Furniture KitLiving Room Furniture Kit
All the comforts of the living room in one little kit.

Living Room Furniture Kit


Another set of doll house plans I've found is this darling one from Workshopsupply.

Log doll house plans

Fun to build... fun to tear apart!  Sturdy interlocking construction.   26" x 26  A great family heirloom.  Pass it along generation through generation  Furniture plans included too!  Detailed drawings & instructions.  Full size patterns for all contoured pieces.

Click here for log doll house plans

wood working home>wood working plans>doll house kits and plans

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Easy Glider Plan
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