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Find great laminate flooring bargains from Internet Flooring.  Laminate Flooring

Custom Door and Drawer Front Program
Create the kitchen of your dreams at a down-to-earth price with custom cabinet refacing.  Custom Door and Drawer Front Program

Pull-Down Shelving System
Now it’s easy to reach those top shelves in your kitchen without using a stool!  Pull-Down Shelving System

Multi Shelf Lazy Susans
The ''D'' shaped shelves that are at the core of this system help give you an ''A'' in organization!  Multi Shelf Lazy Susans

Upper Cabinet Lazy Susan System
Lazy Susan system is made with a D-cut design that works perfectly with typical corner cabinet layouts. Set includes two 20'' diameter trays, a center post that adjusts from 24'' to 31'' inside the cabinet and mounting hardware.  Upper Cabinet Lazy Susan System

Incandescent Canister Lights
Wire up to six lights in a series. Mounting bracket eliminates the need to drive screws though the decorative ring and allows installation in cabinet panels of different thicknesses.   Incandescent Canister Lights

Low Voltage Halogen Systems
Low profile light fits under overhanging cabinets, shelves and in entertainment centers. Lights have medium or bright settings on rocker switch with cetner ''off'' position. Ready-to-use with a built-in transformer. Comes with a 6-foot long cord and standard plug.  Low Voltage Halogen Systems

Firm yet flexible, this grommet with a soft plastic middle will hold single or multiple cords securely in place. Simply push plugs and cords through the opening.  Available in two sizes.  Flexigrommets

Drawer Organizers
Organize your drawers with our cut-to-fit Drawer Organizers produced with thermoformed construction of rugged, heavy-duty high impact styrene.  Drawer Organizers

Hardwood Drawer Organizer
Can be made to fit any size drawer easily by trimming with a utility knife. Pre grooved for easy assemble.   Hardwood Drawer Organizer

Drawer Divider System
Solid birch slats with semi-gloss lacquer finish are easily cut and modified, plus they’re stackable to fit deep drawer applications. Includes six 25-3/16" L x 2-9/16" H x 5/16" thick slats, four corner clips, 10 divider clips, installation instructions and cutting template, which ensures pre-drilled holes line up properly. Uniform 32mm hole spacing. Slats are washable with mild soap and water.  Drawer Divider System

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What is the best choice of drawer slides for your application?  With the mind boggling drawer slides that are available nowadays, it's often confusing and frustrating to say the least.  First, it's best to go through some basics on drawer slides and definitions :

Length listed for drawer slides

What does length listed refer to?  This is the length of the drawer slide when it is completely closed.  You will need at least this amount of space inside your cabinet in order to mount the drawer slides.

What is the extension of the drawer slides

This is the extent that the drawer slide will pull out or the travel distance the drawer slide is capable of.  For example, a full extension set of drawer slides will come out the full length of the slide eg a 20" long drawer slide will come out 20".  So for a 3/4 extension slide that has a 20" length listed, it will only come out 16" ie 3/4 the length of the drawer slide.

Drawer slides loading ratings

You would note that there are specific loading ratings for drawer slides.  Manufacturers test their drawer slides according to set industry standards for how much weight they can carry.  These tests are usually based on an 18" extension with the drawer slides being put through 50,000-75,000 cycles of moving the drawer in and out.  Ratings also include a 100% static load safety factor which means that the slides will always be able to hold a minimum of the load rating in any position in a stationary position.

What is over-travel?

You will come across this term sometimes.  It just means that the drawer slides will pull out beyond the full extension.  If there is a 1" over-travel, it means that a 20" long drawer slide will pull out 21".

Disconnect feature in drawer slides?

This refers to the ability of the parts of the drawer slides to come apart so that half of the drawer slide will attach to the cabinet and the other half to the drawer.  This makes for ease of cleaning of the drawer if you ever need to do so, all you need to do is to slide it out and disconnect.  There are some drawer slides out there that do not have this feature so be aware of this when you choose one.

What is the side space of drawer sides?

This refers to how thick the drawer slide is.  After mounting the drawer slides, this is the amount of space on each side of the drawer.  So in practical terms, the side space is the minimal amount of space you will need to allow on each side of the drawer when playnning out your cabinet design.

What is a hole pattern feature?

Lots of Accuride ball bearing drawer slides have this feature.  What it is is the placement of screw holes used to mount the drawer slides.  So a 32mm hole pattern has the screw holes placed 32mm apart on the center.

Are there special tools required to mount drawer slides?

JIG-IT™ templates are a boon when you mount drawer slides.  These templates work by using a self-centering bit for lining up perfectly centered holes.  Whilst you don't really need it to mount drawer slides, it sure makes installation quick and easy.


Accuride ball bearing drawer slides are top notch quality slides that are well worth the initial outlay.  Smooth, effortless drawer sliding operation time and time again means your work won't just succumb to wear and tear after a few years.  Pick the right drawer slides by using the details below:

wood working home>wood working hardware>drawer slides

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