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If you are anything like me and start hyperventilating when you see storage ideas for the garage workshop, then this is the page for you.  I've compiled what I think are the best ideas to get your garage organized - be it for that garage workshop or just to make the garage more userfriendly and not a haphazard patch up job for you to house all your junk (and we've all been there!).  A neat garage can do wonders for your morale if you are spending an inordinate amount of time there working out projects.  You will work more efficiently and having everything in organized little storage boxes, containers or bins will make for a woodworking heaven indeed!

Are you thinking of building your own garage?  Then you will have to visit CoolHousePlans for a range of garage plans which include 1-car, 2-car, garage and workshop, garage with bathroom and more.  A great site with more than its fair share of garage plans.  Click here to visit.

garage with apartment upstairs

2 door garage - plans from coolhouseplans

Looking for garage cabinets or plans to garage cabinets for storage solutions?  Then have a look at garage cabinets and storage.

What you put on your garage floor is something you need to think about for ease of cleaning and for aesthetic reasons.  Check out ideas in garage floors.

Tips to take note of when considering garage installations

  • Think about insulating your garage roof and walls if you are planning on spending a lot of time there.  Also consider things like cooling or heating - let's face it, if your garage doubles up as your workshop, giving it creature comforts would ensure that your time spent there on projects is a pleasurable occasion.
  • Lighting is always a problem in garage workshops.  Providing adequate lighting in your garage would ensure precision in your work and it is also a safety hazard to work under dim lighting.  Think about installing a skylight to make us of natural light in the day and other back up lighting like fluorescent bulbs for a low cost energy saving idea.
  • Ventilation is essential unless you are planning to poison yourself with those fumes from finishing work.  Read the labels on those paints, resins and varnishes - use only in well ventilated areas!  Just having the garage door propped open is not sufficient.  You require windows on either side of your garage for the best cross ventilation.  Alternatively, you may want to consider one of those exhaust fans which will take the fumes out as you work.  Read more about dust collectors.

Take a look at :

garage floors

garage cabinets and storage

portable garages

dust collectors

wood working home>wood working hardware>garage ideas

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