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:: HINGES ::

Hinges usually have 2 leaves which are held in place by a pivoting pin inside hinge knuckles or hinge barrels.  With most cabinet and door hinges, you can either utilize them in left or right handed doors.  If you are lazy, you can opt to surface mount hinges (ie with the leaves straight onto a flat surface of the wood).  Alternatively, for a more professional finish, you can choose to recess them and result in a flush hinged surface.


The following hinges are from the Rockler range of hinges

Rockler has made it easy for you to sift through the vast assortment of hinges there are available on the market today by providing you with a glossary of hinges.  Choose from the multi-functional concealed (European style) hinges which allow quick and easy to install and offer a very clean and precise finish.  Rockler carries hinges by Blum, Inc.  Backed with a lifetime guarantee, these hinges are built to last and you are assured of consistent quality with every hinge you select.

Choosing concealed hinges

Concealed hinges are designed for two types of cabinet construction.

Face Frame – Hinges mount to outside facing frame Frameless - hinges mount to inside cabinet wall

Hinges available

Face Frame Lipped 3/8" Inset Hinges

Face Frame Inset Hinges

Face Frame Overlay Hinges

Frameless Inset Hinges

Frameless Overlay Hinges

Brass Butt Hinges

Piano Hinges

Pivot Hinges


Hinges For Frameless Cabinets:

On European style cabinets, hinges are attached directly to the side of the cabinet. The amount of overlay (how far your doors overlap the cabinet sides) will determine the type of hinge you will need. European cabinets have three kinds of overlay:

  • Full Overlay - If your doors completely overlay your cabinet sides (lie completely on top of the cabinet side edges), you will need a frameless overlay hinge.
  • Half Overlay - If your doors partially overlay the side edges of your cabinets (usually about half way), you will need a frameless half overlay hinge.
  • Full Inset - Frameless cabinets with door fronts that are flush with the side edges of cabinet faces and are fully inset within the side edges will require frameless inset hinges.

Hinges For Face Frame Cabinets:

Most traditional cabinetry will require face frame mounted hinges for doors that overlay their face frames. Overlay is the relationship of your cabinet doors to the cabinet faces. The amount of overlay will determine the type of hinge you will need. There are three kinds of face frame overlay:

  • Overlay - If your doors completely overlay face frames (lie on top of the cabinet faces), and there is no rabbet on their back edge, you will need an overlay hinge.
  • 3/8" Inset Hinge - If your doors partially overlay their face frames and have a rabbet cut along their back edges, you need a 3/8" inset hinge.
3/8'' Inset Hinge
  • Full Inset Hinge - If your door fronts are flush with their face frames and are inset within the frames, you will need a full inset hinge.
Full Inset
Overlay or Inset — what's the difference?

Here's something to consider when selecting hinges

Look at your cabinet design before selecting hinges. On Eurostyle cabinets, hinges are attached directly to the cabinet side. This gives you the option of fully overlaying, half overlaying or insetting the door within the opening, as shown below.

Overlay applications
If you decide to use an overlay cabinet design, select full overlay hinges for the ends and half overlay hinges in the middle of a row of cabinets.

Inset applications
Inset doors are recessed into the cabinet carcass to create a completely flush, clean-lined look.

Other Styles and Functions

Rockler has a large selection of additional hinge types available including:

Flipper Door Systems (For sliding, hiding doors)

Clip on Hinges (For wider opening doors)

Cross Corner Hinges (For doors closing at a 45-degree angle)

Fully Concealed Hinges (For doors concealing pull-out shelving)

Surface Mount Hinges

Wraparound Hinges (No mortise for Euro-style applications)

wood working home>wood working hardware>hinges

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