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Professional turner Phil Brennion of Chino Valley, Arizona gives advice on the 6 must have tools for wood turning and how to use each one.  Downloadable PDF format available from WOOD STORE® - click here

WOOD magazine editors and turning professional Phil Brennion spend a day in the shop woodturning with actor William H. Macy of Fargo and Jurassic Park fame.  Available in downloadable PDF format from WOOD STORE® - click here.

WOOD STORE® tool review - mid size lathes.  8 models are taken for a spin to see which deserves a turn in your shop.  A dial indicator was used to measure the side-to-side movement in each lathe as a turning blank spins, showing how well each machine dampens vibration.  Available in downloadable PDF format - click here.

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If you are after turned wood then this is the section for you.  If however, you are keen on giving wood turning a go, then take a look at the wood turning tools section of the site for that all important kickstart into the world of wood turning.  Turned wood products include bun feet, finials, spindles, table legs and pedestals.

Turned wood - bun feet

Assorted Bun Feet (Part 1)
Give your project a truly finished look with bun feet. Use these turnings on large entertainment centers, armoires, or upholstered furniture. They come unfinished, allowing you to either paint or stain them to match your project.  Style D will give your furniture a feeling of sitting lightly on or being separate from the floor. The delicate way it ends makes it perfect for small and medium size case pieces.  Style E is an oversized version of the true bun foot, large enough to be used under a kitchen island or large built in.  Style F can be found under 17th century chests. The term bun foot originated with this design. If you are looking for a traditional form, this is a favorite.

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Ready to sand lightly, paint and install on sofas, easy chairs, beds, desks and shelves.  Style A is the Large Country French Poplar bun feet.  Style B is the Country Style Bun foot - available in paint grade or ash.  Style C is the Country French Bun feet - available in paint grade or ash.  Style D is the Tulip range available in paint grade or ash.  Style E is the beaded bun foot.  Style F is the round bun foot.  Style G is the pumpkin style.  Style H is the Ogee.  Styles A, B, C and D all come with a hanger bolt installed in top of the bun foot.  Styles E, F, G and H are made from glued up pine stock.

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Mini Bun Feet
Looking for turned wood products that are daintier?  Then check out these little beauties to finish off a top notch wood working job!

Mini Bun Feet

Mini Bun Feet

Turned wood - finials

Turned wood - spindles

Turned wood - table legs and pedestals


wood working home>lumber>turned wood

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