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INCRA Miter Gauge
Features patented protractor "rack" in 1 degree increments from 5 degree to 50 degree.  INCRA Miter Gauge

Miter Trimmer
No more planning, no more sanding, and no more tear-out on pre-finished frame moldings with this revolutionary miter trimmer! The secret is in the laminated blade with a shear cutting bevel and razor-sharp edge. It lets you cut off micro-fine slices for the most precise fit. Totally adjustable for 45 degree and 90 degree cuts.   Miter Trimmer

Nobex  Adjustable Miter Squares
The Nobex Quattro 400 adjustable miter squares lock at 90, 45 and 135 degrees and fold up to store easily.  Nobex Adjustable Miter Squares

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Wood moldings are usually installed to create an attractive finished look or to hide flaws in the joints of where walls meet floors, ceilings, windows and doors.  Wood moldings also act as a barrier to direct water away from the window top and to stop the door swinging in the door frame.

Tools you will need to install your wood moldings

If you are just installing a couple of wood moldings, you will probably get away with just using a miter box, a fine tooth cross cut saw (for the general cuts), a coping saw (if you need to cut scribed ends), your trusty measuring tape, some caulk to match up the sawn ends, hammer and nails to install the wood moldings and probably some sandpaper to tidy up the sawn ends for a neat finish.  A nail punch is also essential in the installation stage if you don't want to leave dent marks on the molding as you hammer the nails in.  If you are dealing with a whole lot of wood moldings to install, then a power miter saw is a real godsend.  

Porter-Cable 12
Porter-Cable Model #3802L features a heavy-duty 15 amp, 3500 RPM motor for maximum cutting power. Includes bright twin lasers that clearly indicate line of cut on both sides of the blade kerf during operation or at rest.  Porter-Cable 12'' Compound Miter Saw with Lasers

Tips when installing wood moldings

  • If you are going to install wood moldings that you intend to stain or paint, you will need to do that BEFORE you install them.  Then all you need to do is to tidy up the edges with a paint brush.
  • Find out where the studs are on the wall (if installing wall wood moldings) and mark them out so you know where to nail the wood moldings.  A stud finder is a boon in these instances.
  • When nailing, do not try to nail flush with the wood molding, you will inevitably dent the molding.  Hammer till the nails are slightly protruding and then use a nail punch to finish off.
  • Your wood moldings will define all the corners and add that finishing touch to a job well done.

Wood moldings categories available from Rockler

Featured wood moldings

Rope Accent Crown Molding

Rope Accent Crown Wood Moldings
Classic rope molding is the perfect accent for traditional furniture and cabinetry.  Available in 4' or 8' lengths of paint grade poplar, oak, maple and cherry wood.  Click here to buy from Rockler.

Handy tools when using wood moldings for framing

Framers Pliers
Quickly drive points or brads.
Framers Pliers

Clampmate Frame Clamp
Tightens all four corners simultaneously for ease of use.
Clampmate Frame Clamp

Ezy-Framer V-Nail Installation Tool
This is the perfect picture framing tool for do-it-yourself frame makers! Easily inserts v-nails, framer�s points and backing nails. Includes Ezy-Framer and 100 1/4" V-nails to make up to 25 frames.
Ezy-Framer V-Nail Installation Tool

MultiMaster� Point Driver and Points
Attaches frame backs quickly and securely.
MultiMaster� Point Driver and Points

wood working home>lumber>wood moldings

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Crown Molding & Trim Book and Installation Kit
This super value pack includes Crown Molding & Trim book, 18'' True Angle and BONUS 7'' pocket size angle checker.  Simply rotate the precision 360� adjustable blades and read the angle! Make any angle in seconds � no math required! Includes complete step-by-step illustrated book with 350 photographs.  Crown Molding & Trim Book and Installation Kit

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Specialty Molding Router Bit for Decorative Edges
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