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Dedicated to simple wooden projects 22 in total but with the added detail to set them apart.  Click here

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Wooden toys bring back all the nostalgia of yesteryear - somehow the new fandagled nintendos just can't match the joys in watching children utilize their creativity and imagination when they play with wooden toys.  Wooden toys also seem to last generations and many get passed down as family heirlooms.  Wooden toy plans that I've found are available below - build them for your kids, your grandkids and watch their little eyes light up - the best thank you ever in my books!

Rocking horse plans - this would rank as my all time favorite amongst wooden toys.  Plans contain full size patterns and step by step diagrams for constructing this wooden rocking horse making it sure to provide satisfying results for any level of woodworker.  Click here for this wooden toy plans.

Noah's ark plans - make all the little animals and then the ark.  The top of the ark lifts off for a storage area for all the wooden animals.  Great toy that would provide hours of sturdy old fashioned fun.  Plans include full size patterns for each animal and other parts.  Click here for this wooden toy plans.

Gum ball machine plans - simple wooden project made with a quart size canning jar and a small amount of wood (how about putting those wood offcuts from other wooden projects to good use?).  Simple plans so even the kids can help out.  All you have to do now is to stop them eating ALL the gum balls in 1 hit!  Click here for this wooden toy plans

Table Hockey Wooden plans - not just a toy for the kiddies, you're going to want to play too!  Check it out.  Plans include a gameplay instructions for those who would prefer some set rules!  Click here for this wooden toy plans.

Table soccer wooden plans - knock them out with this classy wooden toy!  Adrenaline pumping type stuff - great fun for the whole family.  You'll probably have to fight to get a turn at playing!  Plans are easy to follow with a materials list, parts cut list and hardware list.  Click here for this wooden toy plans.

Wooden Construction Toy Set Plans - 7 unique construction machinery for you to build.  They can be played with individually or connected together.  Perfect for those budding Bob the Builder little tykes.  Click here for this wooden toy plans.

Toddler wooden dog scooter plans - A lazy susan bearing insures smooth, easy steering. The scooter measures 26 inches long with an 8 inch seat height.  Just watch them scoot around on this great toy, just the ticket to get rid of all that surplus energy.  Click here for this wooden toy plans.

Brontosaurus pull toy plans - Take this Brontosaurus for a walk.  A great little toy that is just dying to be played with.  Make it as fancy as you want it.  Click here for this wooden toy plans.

Motorcycle rocking toy plans - For all the little ones with a need for speed.  Great motorcycle rocking toy - Harley Davidson here I come.  Click here for this wooden toy plans.

Ride on locomotive plans - For all those Thomas the Tank engine fans, this will be a treat.  Their own little wooden locomotive to sit on and chuff away.  Click here for this wooden toy plan.

For a stunning array of wooden toy plans you'll have to pay a visit to WildWoodDesigns - I've only featured some of their plans here but the range they have is just too many to mention.  Just be warned that some of their plans may look like wooden toys but the degree of intricate work that is required in producing such marvellous pieces of work may result in many of the 'wooden toys' end up in display shelves instead of in the rumpus room.  Click here to visit.

wood working home>wood working plans>wooden toy plans

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